Samsung’s Tizen operating system leaves smart devices vulnerable, researcher says

Samsung’s Tizen operating system evidently has numerous security vulnerabilities, leaving company’s connected devices open to hacking. The OS is used by many of the company’s smart devices including TVs, Gear S3 smart watches and even phones.

A researcher with Israel-based Equus Technologies has discovered that the operating system is vulnerable to dozens of different remote code execution exploits, giving the attacker control of the device. The most critical vulnerabilities involved hijacking the TizenStore app on the device, giving the attackers ability to install any malicious software on the device.

In the US, Tizen is used by Samsung primarily in TVs and smart watches, but the company also uses it as a smart phone OS in other countries. The company is positioning to continue rolling out Tizen instead of Android on many of its upcoming devices including more phones and IoT connected devices like washing machines and refrigerators

In a statement, Samsung has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to security, and promised to work with the researchers to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities. However, no specific dates have been set for the availability of security patches.

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