New malware gives attackers complete control of Mac systems

Security researchers at Bitdefender have discovered new malware targeting users of Apple Mac, iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook computers.

Dubbed Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor by the researchers, the malware poses as a downloadable file converter named EasyDoc

EasyDoc Converter with Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor malware

Once downloaded and installed, it also installs a set of hidden components that provide hackers with backdoor access to the infected machine, as well as a comprehensive control panel. The control panel allows hackers to perform a variety of activities including accessing user’s files, executing commands, sending email with attachments from the user’s account and capturing video and images from the user’s webcam.

The EasyDoc Converter app is not digitally signed by Apple and is not available directly from the Apple App Store. Mac users are advised to download apps only from reputable sources.

If you believe your Mac computer may have been infected with Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor, you should perform a full system scan with a reputable malware protection or anti-virus application.

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