Chinese manufacturer recalls web cameras after recent DDoS attack

China's Xiongmai to recall web cams after hack

Xiongmai will recall around 10,000 webcams after the recent DDoS attack that rendered many major websites inaccessible. The cameras’ weak security protocols made them an easy target for hackers.

The affected cameras were sold in the United States and around the world since 2014. Like many connected home devices, the cameras failed to prompt the user to change default login credentials, making them vulnerable to being hacked.  This vulnerability resulted in many of these cameras being infected with Mirai botnet malware. The Mirai botnet consists of almost half a million of low-security devices, many of which are smart home devices including cameras, routers, and TVs. The rapidly growing multitude of internet-connected devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), represents an increasing security threat because these devices often lack adequate security features.

Xiongma’s newer cameras prompt users to change the default credentials and block unauthorized remote access, making them more resistant to being hacked. Xiongmai also supplies webcam components to other manufacturers, so the recall may potentially extend to other brands.

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