Home Automation and Security

With the growing tide of technological upgrades for the nursery, security and privacy concerns are emerging. In recent years, there have been numerous accounts

Like any internet-connected consumer device, a baby monitor can create new security risks in your home. The newest generation of smart monitors can watch,

Do-it-yourself security devices and systems are growing in popularity, thanks to the wide availability and affordability of network-connected consumer devices. Today we are testing one of

Several vulnerabilities in Google Nest security cameras allow attackers to force the camera to temporarily stop recording. A security researcher has identified three vulnerabilities in

The October 21 attack that disrupted internet service across the US has been linked to a network of internet-connected consumer devices ranging from Wi-Fi

Vulnerabilities in the Edimax Smart Plug Switch expose home Wi-Fi credentials and allow attackers to remotely control the device.

Multiple security holes expose home Wi-Fi credentials and allow attackers to manipulate Lightify devices and launch web-based attacks against the user.